Valerie Loveland (valerieloveland) wrote,
Valerie Loveland

I read two books about extinct animals over the weekend

Swift as a Shadow by Rosamond Wolff Purcell

This is a good introduction to extinct animals. I wish there was more information on each animal, but this book is more about the photographs.

Rosamond Purcell photographed stuffed animals, some times in groups or in their storage/specimen boxes. The photos are so sad and beautiful, they are the perfect tone for the subject.

I want to pick up a copy--it is almost a reference book.

A Gap in Nature by Tim Flannery, Peter Schouten

I read this around the same time I read Swift as a Shadow. Both books are about extinct animals including photos or drawings of the animals and short descriptions of the animals and why they went extinct.

The descriptions of the animals were a little more extensive, but I still wanted more information on each animal. I think I am going to have to find an individual book on each animal to be satisfied with the amount of information I want.

I liked the paintings in this book, but I preferred the photographs in Swift as a Shadow because it gave me a better idea of what the animals looked like.

I think both books go together very well.
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